A Do It Yourself Home Security System

Home security systems are becoming more and more necessary in order to protect family, home, and possessions from intruders and other dangers. There are many home security companies out there. Many will allow you to select from a list of preset service packages. Then they will install the system. A monthly fee ensures that you receive continued service. But is that the only way to go? Perhaps the thought of installing your own system is intimidating. Is it feasible to set up a do it yourself (DIY) home security system? Let’s look at the logistics and some of the advantages.

Home Security System

One big advantage of DIY home security is that you get to choose whatever sensors and wireless cameras you prefer. Company installed systems will usually require that you pick from a certain number of plans. Each may have some features that you want but lack others. It adds personal preference into the selection process. Take for example, your choice of sensors and detectors.

Wireless Sensors

Door sensors send an alert every time the door is opened. Window sensors do the same thing for the window it is connected to. Then there are PIR motion sensors. These will detect motion on your property. They may be connected to a light that turns on if the sensor is tripped. There are also driveway sensors which will let you know when someone pulls into the driveway. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Wireless Cameras

You also have many choices when it comes to cameras. There are many different types of cameras, and they can be set to monitor the property or even record for playback. Some cameras are designed to be out of sight. Others are designed as a visible deterrent. IP cameras make it easy to check on what is going on from anywhere. You can use a free app on a mobile device to view and record footage.

Installation Fees

Besides just all of the choice options of setting up your own system, you also have the added benefit of not having to pay expensive installation fees. All it costs you is the extra time to set up your own system. You may even decide to set up your own system, but then have a professional monitoring service respond to alerts and alarms. It’s the best of both worlds to have the exact set up you want and a professional monitoring service.